Plein Air in Pastels

Had the opportunity to join a Plain Air group in Montague, Prince Edward Island, Canada this summer.  This was my second year doing so, and I decided to concentrate my work in soft pastels.  It was a great deal of fun.

These two were created in the Murry River area.  The one with a small skiff almost lost in the high weeds, the other was a beautiful section of country road.

The second day was in a French speaking area, and much more industrialized called Souris.  I chose to paint some small sailing yachts in dry storage.  The lines from the rigging, contrasting with the clouds excited my imagination as if the rigging lines were trying to constrain the freedom of the clouds.  The second painting was of the Souris lighthouse, windswept  among the grasses and lupins, as it stood above the open sea.

after the storm

The third day was one with gale force winds.  That made for quite the challenge.  I chose a spot just off the beach at Graham’s Pond, PEI.  I thought I would be out of the winds main force.  I was wrong!  With the wind swirling around I had to hold my easel with one hand and try to paint with the other.

Brudenell Park PEI

The forth day was at a place called Brudenell Park.  It was still very windy, so I got right down next to the water under a little bluff.  I was out of the wind, but the tide was coming in.  I had to work fast and still had to wade the surf to get out when I was done.