Web Dreamer, Oil on Canvas 16″ x 20″

Among the Adena and Hopewell peoples whom we know today as “Mound Builders”, dreamers were both feared and respected.

They served as priests, seers, and healers. Each dreamer was helped by their own spirit animal. Among the most powerful spirit animals were the “Wolf” who lead the people out of the frozen north through an ice cave; “Many Colored Crow” a trickster who restored the balance between the living and the dead, so that the living had no need to fear the spirits of their dead loved ones; and the “Red Spider”.

The Red Spider was said to have spun the worlds into existence and was responsible for maintaining the spiral of life, keeping in balance the forces of nature, mother earth, all the creatures, and most importantly man. Here I have pictured a dreamer whose spirit animal is the “Red Spider” caught up in the web of his vision.

The man whose face is rendered here is named “He Who Blocks The Sun” and is a member of the Red Crooked Sky Dance Troop.

Original has been sold, however Giclee prints are available (11″ x 14″) as limited – numbered editions, and in Note card sets (5 cards with envelops).
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