5 Day Challenge

An artist in NC by the name of Mary Gilkerson set up a 5 day challenge. Each artist was to do 1 painting a day for 5 days straight that was limited to 20 – 30 minutes work time. Work 20 minutes, stop, photo, and post. 100’s of artists all over the world have responded including myself. Everyone’s work can be seen on Facebook at: Art+Work+Living
I decided to start with a still life for simplicitys sake (and that it had been a while since I had done a still life). I also decided to use pastels on canvas board. I stained the boards first, and gave them a coat of clear gesso to build my ground. So day 1 is finished (see below) and day 2 about to begin.


Day 2 is now in the books, Same theme, just a different view. Still only 30 minutes of working time.


Day 3 is done. This is a scene I tried to paint last summer in PEI in watercolor and failed miserably. It seems to be working better as a pastel. The picture is of the backwaters of Basin Head bay. I worked 20 minutes, stopped, photographed it, was not content to leave it as it was, so gave myself 10 more minutes. It is still not finished and so I will work more in it later, but for the challenge, I will leave it be.


After a 2 day delay I was back at the 5 day challenge. Sometimes life happens to interfere with the best laid plans. That happened here. However, I will finish the challenge even if it is late. This time I did a winter scene from Colorado. Was a beautiful day of snowshoeing, the sky was clear and the sun bright, casting these wonderful shadows over the high mountain plain.


Day 5 of the challenge was completed last last night. Still takes me 30 minutes and that is pushing me. It is my least successful drawing/painting. I felt rushed, it was to late in the day, and I will definitely rework it later. It is from a series of photo’s I took on the beach while in Prince Edward Island. I love that place and would move there if I could.
There were so many serious interuptions this week, it made it hard to work. I did not really enjoy working this fast and probably will not attempt to do so again, but the discipline was good for me, and working every day I will do. Just take more time to consider my subjects and develop my colors more.


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